Welcome to the 40K: Audacia Sector Wikia

A cooperatively build space sector in the 41st millenium.


We are a small group of 40K players with various armies, who (re-) started collecting 40K miniatures in late 2014. Just so you know what to expect, currently it's (from largest to smallest) Space Wolves, Imperial Fists, Necrons, Orks, Death Guard, Adeptus Mechanicus, Tyranids.

On this wikia we will work on the history of the Audacia sector, which might inspire others to do likewise: to design a place (be it a sector, a system or a single planet) where all your forces have a place, a motivation, a reason to be there.

One word on language: we are not native speaker. This should not be a huge problem, I hope, but it could become even more apparent if we ever post videos. Thing is, the best "flavor" of 40K is in English. Any translation is bound to lose some of that flavor.

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Location of the Audacia Sector


Audacia Sector Map

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